Due to the appalling way our previous hosting provider seemed to deal with our account and the lackadaisical approach they seemed to take regarding problem-fixin’, we have switched to new hosting guys who are absolutely amazing, have been nothing but helpful, and, of course, got us back up and running as soon as possible. The site should be back on its feet now, possibly improved (tinkering is happening behind the scenes at the moment), but it does mean that we are a few blog entries short of the site’s former glory. Everyone likes a fresh start, right?

At any rate, this is a sneak peek at my To Do List, and what I’m currently focusing on:

  • Dark Child is on it’s way! The final edit is being completed as we speak before the formatting begins. Here is the cover (a work in progress) as a reminder.

  • I’ve been pretty hectic with other editing lately, but am in the process of drawing up several other covers for authors at the moment, which is fun. I might share some of those once they’re finished!
  • An online store for our books is currently being designed, so will be able to buy our books with just one click – who knows, we may even be able to beat Amazon on price! Keep a look out for that!