Dynamic fiction with a sting in its tail

Scorpius Books is an independent and dynamic fiction publisher based in Essex, UK. We have one very important belief: great literature is for everyone. We believe a story should be available to all, and we produce dyslexia-friendly versions of all the books we publish, for any age.

Scorpius Books was born from a love of great fiction. We only publish books we’re passionate about and can add real value to.

We promise to treat all our authors with respect and courtesy, no matter their experience. We build firm and long-lasting relationships with our authors, offering industry-leading royalties. We firmly believe in every book we sign and never ask for a penny from our writers. We’re a traditional publisher who meets all the costs involved in bringing a book to market.

Here at Scorpius Books, we bring together our extensive backgrounds in editing and design. We give ourselves the time to ensure each book is well written, well edited, well designed and well produced.

Scorpius Books aims to be an environmentally friendly publisher. We have assessed both our own and the industry’s impact on the environment, from its trading activities to the way books are produced, and aim to correct this within our own business (no wasteful printed copies wanted here, thank you very much). We aim to plant trees to compensate for our impact on the environment and, as well as recycling our office paper, we aim not to use very much in the process, aiming for 90% reduction by the end of 2020.

We promise to keep our submissions policy wide open to all. For more information, please see our submissions page.