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Great stories should be for everyone…

Which is why we’re passionate about helping people who have dyslexia to access the joy of good fiction. We made a promise when starting Scorpius Books to produce versions of all our titles that are dyslexia-friendly, especially for adults, where… Continue Reading →

Wuthering Heights – The romance that never was…

The first time I heard of Wuthering Heights, I was around 10 and watched the 1939 film adaptation (great as it was), depicting a doomed love affair and hauntingly romantic reunion after death of the main characters, Heathcliff and Cathy…. Continue Reading →

A good day to die?…

Ok, so I’m one of those odd people who sometimes likes to see what happened on any certain date in history (I think it’s called procrastinating!), and I was a little disturbed to find that July 16th certainly hasn’t been a good day for writers in the grand scheme of things.

Being small isn’t so bad…

As has been proven with countless award-winning small publishers over the last few years, small independents can refresh parts of the book market that publishing giants cannot (and perhaps refuse) to reach.

Oooo, it’s like Christmas!…

Look what turned up from the printer today! A lovely new box full of these little rascals.

If you go down to the woods today…

You may find these little bundles of fluff!

Do you know what happens to teddy bears when there’s no one to care for them anymore? Where do they go? What do they get up to?

Who let the bears out…?

Well, they’re finally here – The Boffee Bears by Angela Kincaid was released on the 9th June and we’ve so grateful for the support this beautifully illustrated book has received so far.

If you go down to the woods today…

Two recent pieces of news from Scorpius towers, with our eyes now firmly fixed on the year’s exciting list:

Darkness Forbidden

It was our first published title and remains one of our best selling, beating Dracula at one point on the Amazon chart (oh, we’ll cling to that one for as long as we can!).

Light at the end of the tunnel

Hi Scorpius Followers. Are you all keeping safe and well in these crazy times we’ve found ourselves in? Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all those key workers out there (hubby included) who have kept this country running during an unprecedented time – you are all amazing!

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