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Darkness Forbidden

It was our first published title and remains one of our best selling, beating Dracula at one point on the Amazon chart (oh, we’ll cling to that one for as long as we can!).

Light at the end of the tunnel

Hi Scorpius Followers. Are you all keeping safe and well in these crazy times we’ve found ourselves in? Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all those key workers out there (hubby included) who have kept this country running during an unprecedented time – you are all amazing!

Dark Child is released!

Trumpets sound, party streamers everywhere… well, in the office, at least! As a small publisher, we have to sit and imagine the future where we’ll have a sparkler-topped cake for every release. In the meantime, we’ll just do a little happy jig at our desks!

Back to the future…

A few snippits of news from Scorpius towers this week, with our eyes firmly fixed on our upcoming titles over the next few months:

Darkness Forbidden

Phew, it’s been a while since I last posted… tut, tut. To be fair, there has been a tonne of things happening behind the scenes so I’ll stick to that as my excuse! More on those coming soon…

And the winner is…

Ooh, I might win a prize! Retribution Darkened has been entered into the Book Designers Monthly E-book Cover Design Awards. If it wins, it gets a badge, which can be displayed pretty much everywhere to endorse its design… so watch this space for updates!

Hire us…

At Scorpius Books, we handle every part of the publishing process itself from beginning to end. As such, we have access to a wide range of skills and expertise, from editing to design. If you or your company are interested in working with us, simply send us an email and let us know your requirements…

Did you play the Game of Thrones and win?…

Did you play the Game of Thrones and win?…
Warning: contains spoilers for series 8…(and a long post!)

Okay, so I’m a little late to the party on this, but after the final episode (which I watched several days late due to the hubby working and due to the school holidays have only just got round to writing this!), I think it’s taken me this long to process it and come to terms with the fact that a show I’ve watched for years is actually all over! In a small way, it was almost a form of grief.

How I work… and stay sane!

Having been a fiction editor for over ten years (and an author for even longer!), there are naturally times when the two collide and deadlines loom in both instances that have me pulling my hair out and begging for a day off, preferably on a beach with cocktail in hand, away from any mention of justified text or typos.

Don’t forget to sign up for Fiction Friday…

We featured some great books in our first edition last Friday, and more are to follow this week so keep a look out!

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