Darkness Forbidden

What you can’t have, you can never resist.

Immortal, ruthless, cunning…

Obsessed with the fatally seductive and evil Nadia, Alex Demeter finds himself intrigued by Catrina, a human with a past she cannot escape.

Disturbed by his distraction, Nadia wagers the ultimate prize – the one thing Alex could never have.

As Nadia’s games grow more sadistic, Alex’s own past is brought horrifically to the surface. Forced to face truths he would rather stay hidden, the humans around him soon find themselves pawns in a game they could never understand.

Sparks fly in this dark tale of obsession as Alex and Nadia play dangerous games of sex and betrayal.

Retribution Darkened

Evil. Seductive. Immortal…

Intent on having full control over Alex’s existence, Nadia Demeter steps up her twisted games in order to win her own wager, putting everyone around her in danger.

As she begins to lose her grip on reality and her own depraved blood lust, Alex is forced to face his own terrifying demons from a past spanning over four centuries.

Dangerous decisions are made and secrets exposed as Alex faces the ultimate choice between predator and prey.

Dark Child – Coming Soon…

Immortal. Haunted. Betrayed.

Tormented by grief and guilt over the death of his sister, Alex Demeter finds himself haunted by her image at every turn.

She’s the faceless stranger in a crowd, her voice a whisper on the wind. Her very presence haunts his nightmares.

Questioning his sanity, he returns to the sanctuary of the family home in the desolate Carpathian Mountains, seeking solace from his torment.

But the ancient walls shelter something far more sinister than the Demeter bloodline, and what Alex discovers within leaves him to question everything he has ever known.