Death may be the greatest of all human blessings...

A Distant Memory...

Death may be the greatest of all human blessings.

That was Socrates’ opinion, anyway. No one ever looks at it that way, of course, apart from just a few of us perhaps.

Time can be a dangerous curse.

The darkness engulfs me, the silence overwhelming to my ears. I glance at the beauty beside me, not even her gentle breathing breaking through the wall of stillness that surrounds us.

Her head rests against the pillow, her black hair framing her pale face. I tried so hard to pretend, but it seems my efforts were in vain, for this beauty’s eyes are not Her eyes, and her face is not the same one I dream about night after night; it is not the one that haunts me.

The face I want... no, need to see was taken from me and I cannot abide the separation any longer, though I did nothing to prevent it.

I can remember her so clearly, her beauty statuesque and not marred by time at all. But that is the exquisiteness of time itself, is it not? Does it not preserve all things in its own way?

I have tried to live without her, God knows I have tried, and for reasons I never want to remember ever again. Yet my need for her draws me back time and time again. I cannot and will not let her go. She is my lover, my life. I am bound to her, as she is to me.

I close my eyes, my thoughts tormenting me.

I can still hear her defiant screams as they dragged her away, their punishment for her actions severe and relentless.

Her intense green gaze, so filled with hate and rage, fixed on me as I stood by and let them take her.

The memories haunt me still.

I fear they always will.

I do not deserve redemption...