Need help with your cover design? Formatting? Editing? Become more efficient?

Scorpius Books offers affordable publishing services, ranging from design and layout to editing and virtual assistance. Our services are offered by publishers for publishers.
Our background in design and editing have helped us to build Scorpius Books into a successful business, but we know full well how hard it is to run a small publisher. We’ve spent years polishing the way we work: refining and honing our editing and design skills to make sure that our books look as good as those of the major publishers. 
Browse the services that we offer below and please get in touch for a chat or more information.
Cover design & layout
We design jackets, covers, end papers and paperback covers for publishers – you can see a small sample of our recent work below:
We can design your covers or train you how to do it yourself. We also take on layout projects of all sizes. Sometimes we simply create the design for a typesetter to implement, other times we proof, edit, design, typeset, layout and deliver the full typeset pdf.
We are not precious about our designs. They are there for one purpose only; to sell the book. 
Editing / Proof-reading
An essential part of the publishing process, and not something we take lightly. With over ten years’ experience as fiction editors, we do all our editing and proof-reading in-house to the highest academic standard. If you’re against the clock with a tight deadline, simply need another set of eyes, or would like us to train your staff how to edit future projects, please get in touch.
Virtual Administration
Perhaps a slight deviation from the usual publishing business, we have nonetheless been employed to assist those organisations who lack the time or the staff to do these tasks themselves. With over ten years experience and qualified in Business Administration, clients have been delighted with our assistance.