We welcome unsolicited manuscripts. I suppose that means we solicit them. Anyway, please do send us your work. This page explains how to do that, but the potted summary is:

– Send us the complete manuscript, via email, to manuscripts [at] scorpiusbooks.com

– The subject line of your e-mail should read as follows: Scorpius Books Submission: [authorname] [Book Title]. If your e-mail subject does not contain the words Scorpius Books Submission, it will be automatically deleted as spam.

– We do not accept hard copy submissions – please consider the environment. Millions of trees are felled every year in the publishing industry unnecessarily and we’re trying our best to do our part.

– We only currently accept fiction.

Read on for more details about how we assess your work.

A Detailed Look at Our Acquisitions Process

So you want to be published by Scorpius Books, eh? Marvellous – thanks for thinking of us. This article is about our acquisitions process: how we make our minds up about what – and who – we’re going to publish.

The first stage is to submit your manuscript using our submission process:

* Simply send an email to manuscripts [at] scorpiusbooks.com containing your entire manuscript as one document. 

* We don’t require a synopsis (I’m sure you’ll be very glad to hear that!). Having worked in the editing business for years, we’ve seen far too many ‘synopses’ that are poorly written or tell us nothing about the story. It’s easier for your writing to do the talking.

* Don’t feel obliged to write a full covering letter. Again, they’re not necessary. However, please be professional in your approach (not just, here’s my book for publication, ta), and include the genre of your submission. If you want to score extra points, we would be fascinated to see a blurb, if you can bear to write one – you know, the copy that goes on the back of the book.

* Please ensure your manuscript is a Word document.

* Please ensure your work has been edited. This can be by either a professional editor, a series of beta-readers or a reading group. Please do not send a first draft of a manuscript. If you haven’t put the time and energy into making your book the best it can be, why should we?

* This document should be saved according to the following naming convention:

date of submission as dd.mm.yy_surname_firstname_title of book.doc

For example: 23.09.04_Doe_John_mynovel.doc

* The format for all submissions must be:

     Justified text

     Double spaced

     Times New Roman or Arial fonts

And there you have it. Easy. 

When we decide that a manuscript meets our criteria, we contact the author to ask them if they’d like their book to be published by us. At this stage we have a good long chat with the author to see if they’re the sort of person we want to do business with. I’m not shy of saying it: we founded Scorpius Books because we wanted to be happy and proud of what we do. Part of this means that we only deal with people we like. So who are they? People with objectives that are similar to ours. And what are they?

We want to have fun creating the book. We want to enjoy the process of book cover design, editing and typesetting, and want you to enjoy it too. If you feel that the publisher-author relationship is inherently them-and-us, we’re not going to get along. This has to be a partnership.

We want to be clever about how we spend our time and money. For example, we would rather spend three months making sure the big retailers will support your book and put money into an in-store poster campaign (which we know will generate sales) than engage in time-consuming and expensive author tours, signings and events that have no guarantee of generating sales. Author tours and readings eat up a lot of time and money but we haven’t seen much evidence that they sell books. In most cases, we don’t arrange those kinds of events.

We want to stick to our values, which are to be nice to people, to be proud of what we do, to be successful and to do things properly. We want to work with people who share these values.

If this makes sense, you’re probably the right sort of author for us. Hooray! So get that submission emailed off to us today…