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Trick or Treat…

As we are now on the countdown to Halloween, you can grab an early treat (no trick) and snap up both Darkness Forbidden and Retribution Darkened ebooks for only 99p/99c across Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and all other retailers until the… Continue Reading →

A day in the life…

As I chip away at Dark Child, scribble notes on other book ideas and tinker with book covers, I thought I’d take you all behind the scenes in my ‘day in the life of an author’ (I think it’s called… Continue Reading →

My geek-dom knows no bounds…

The hours I have spent. The hours… After much hair pulling and threats to throw the computer out of the window, I have finally managed to get the new website up and running, complete with links to buy books via… Continue Reading →

New Hosts

Due to the appalling way our previous hosting provider seemed to deal with our account and the lackadaisical approach they seemed to take regarding problem-fixin’, we have switched to new hosting guys who are absolutely amazing, have been nothing but… Continue Reading →

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